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Nan Fang Lee Kum Kee (or Southern Lee Kum Kee) was founded in 1992 with the mission to advocate and modernize the 5,000-year-old traditional Chinese herbal health philosophy that focuses on the principles of balance, affluence and harmony to people around the world.

In a short time span of 23 years, we have opened 36 branches, 28 service centers and 6000 of Specialty Shops throughout China to reach out and serve the people of China. We are also proud to have developed more than 50 proven and trusted products in the Health Care, Skincare, Personal Care and Home Care categories.


With the astounding success of its China market since 1992, Nan Fang Lee Kum Kee moves on to expand beyond its China borders into the international arena. With the renaming of Nan Fang Lee Kum Kee to INFINITUS and a massive rebranding initiative encompassing a refreshing new INFINITUS logo, product packaging and corporate image. INFINITUS forges confidently ahead into a world of infinite opportunities to reach out to people around the world and to help improve their lives.

The fervent mission of our Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Sammy Lee is:



In the quest of our mission, INFINITUS shall continuously be competitive in all aspects of the business with full commitment to product quality and excellent services as well as contribution to meaningful corporate social responsibilities.

‘Considering the Interest of Others’, our corporate core value, will be the guiding principle for everyone at INFINITUS and in all that we do.

INFINITUS…Customer and Company As 1.
INFINITUS is all about You and I…’US’
INFINITUS…Your World of INFINITE Opportunities.

Together We Will Make Great Things Happen!