Yang Essence

Yang Essence

Yang deficiency refers to the lack of Yang energy; symptoms of Yang deficiency include fatigue, body chills, cold limbs, pale complexion, breathlessness, lethargy, nocturnal emission, low sex drive etc.

Yang Essence is essentially a “vigor reviving” tonic for the kidneys. Its formulation targets to improve men’s health to compensate the high energy used in daily routines. Strengthening the kidneys will address both the health problems mentioned as well to strengthen the bones.

Yang Essence contains active polysaccharides as its main ingredient, fortified with 8 types of carefully selected tonic herbs such as multiflorum, morinda, wolfberry, walnut, dried longan, pulp of cornus, Rosa laevigata and jujube. Yang Essence improves men’s mental and physical wellbeing, to boost energy as well enhances vitality.

Size: 10ml x 60 bottles

Key Ingredients :

Multiflorum, Morinda, Wolfberry, Walnut, Dried longan, Pulp of cornus, Rosa laevigata, Jujube

Directions for Use:

Drink one bottle each time (shake well before drink), 2-3 times daily. Do not drink together with Yin Essence.