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R&D Strength

More Than 60 Multi-disciplinary Experts

Our products are formulated based on the continuously efforts and extensive researches carried out by our experts. We conduct research in our own laboratories, a great achievement in the herbal health industry.

Sixty multi-disciplinary teams of botanists, biologists, phytochemists, herbalists, etc. specialized in traditional Chinese medicine, food engineering, biochemistry, precision chemical engineering, analytical chemistry and other disciplines work side by side to research, discover and formulate the most effective herbal formulations to optimal health.

Key Research Collaboration Platforms

We also collaborate with prestigious universities and research organizations in China and from other countries. This includes Cambridge University, China Southern Medical University, Tsinghua University, Chinese University of Hong Kong as well the University of Hong Kong. The collaborations are to jointly conduct research studies and to develop new core technologies and premium herbal supplements.

Our goal is to provide a staple supply of products of the highest quality and in more controlled and standardized form through the application of TCM wisdom and modern western medical technology.

Infinitus Scientific Advisory Board

The company has also tied up with many academic institutions such as Tsinghua University, Southern Medical University, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Sun Yat-Sen University to form the Infinitus Scientific Advisory Board, with 12 experts selected from these institutions. In 2011, INFINITUS formally set up its postdoctoral research workshop to provide a platform to groom future talents in this field.

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