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The professor of the French National Centre for Scientific Research and the Hoffmann Infinitus Program team visit Infinitus to exchange the research findings of Polysaccharides in Chinese herbs


Since establishment, Infinitus has been striving to enhance our strength of scientific research in order to produce higher quality, more advanced and more competitive health products over 27 years.

As our research program progressed, Infinitus has closely communicated with Hoffmann Infinitus Program team and has further conducted the in-depth scientific research cooperation. On 12 November 2019, Jean-Luc Imler, the chairman of Institute for Molecular and Cellular Biology at the French National Centre for Scientific Research and the researcher of Hoffmann Infinitus Program, flied from France to visit Infinitus Xinhui production base and exchange the latest research progress of compound Polysaccharides in Chinese herbs with our researchers.

During the visit, Professor Imler gave an interview to us and pointed out that this cooperation mainly focused on the study of immune regulatory function as well as mechanism of Lingzhi composition. In the research project, the team found that the composition of Lingzhi could activate certain paths of immune system to regulate the immunity of human bodies. Moreover, the research also showed the antiviral activity of Polysaccharides in Chinese herbs.

In the future, Infinitus will continuously cooperate with Professor Hoffmann and his team to conduct the in-depth research on the immune regulatory of Chinese herbs. Cooperating with the world's leading scientific research team will further enhance the quality and technological application of our health products which could surely help more people to achieve healthy life.

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