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Infinitus Products Awarded “Outstanding Green Food Award”


The award ceremony of “2019 Green Asia Pacific Environmental Protection Achievement Awards” was grandly held on 5 December 2019 in Harbour Grand Hong Kong. Infinitus’s “Qi Premium Nutrient Herbal Essence” and “Qi Royal Lingzhi Herbal Essence” received “Outstanding Green Food Award” of “2019 Green Asia Pacific Environmental Protection Achievement Awards”. Both products have passed the testing conducted by SGS Hong Kong and obtained Hong Kong (International Standard) Food Safety Certificate.

“2019 Green Asia Pacific Environmental Protection Achievement Awards” was co-hosted by United Nations Environment Foundation, China Environmental Protection Association, Hong Kong Environmental Protection Association and Green Environment Protection Association of Macau while the media of event were hosted Global Commercial Newspaper Union and Hong Kong Commercial Daily. Infinitus was participated as one of the evaluation and nominated unit. Meanwhile, the supporting organizations included Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong, Federation of Hong Kong Industries with the supports of dozens of local governments, enterprises, chambers of commerce and environmental protection organization from Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Established over 27 years, Infinitus has insisted to utilize the “100-1=0”quality management principle and treat quality of product as life of the corporate. From ingredient sourcing to producing, no mistakes are allowed in each step of the manufacturing journey. With the safety standards met “from field to the tip of tongue”, high quality products are delivered to meet consumer demand.

Infinitus has met the SDGs requirements set by the United Nations General Assembly to focus continuously on 6 responsible fields: health, quality, employee, partnerships, environment and community. In practicing the environmental responsibility, Infinitus reduced the largest environmental impacts from business operations by applying green environmental concept into growing, production, packaging and logistics. Thus, Infinitus has achieved the sustainable development goals and fulfilled the corporate social responsibility. 

It was the first time Infinitus received the “Outstanding Green Food Award”. In the future, Infinitus will continue to provide quality Chinese herbal health products by developing patented core technologies, high-quality products and trustworthy brand value.

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