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Infinitus Hong Kong On Radio Interview By Metro Radio


On 23rd April 2020, Infinitus Hong Kong was invited to a radio interview by Metro Radio (Hong Kong). Wing Chan, Senior Manager of Hong Kong Market of Infinitus was interviewed and the recording was broadcasted in the session of “抗疫全攻略” of the programme “原來生活好快樂” through the radio channel “新城知訊台FM99.7”.

During the interview, Wing mainly talked about how Infinitus Chinese herbal health products benefit human body to enhance our immune system under the coronavirus pandemic. The formula of our products: Qi Royal Lingzhi Herbal Essence and Qi Premium Nutrient Herbal Essence include traditional healthy herbal ingredients which help on strengthen our immunity system.

In addition to provide high quality Chinese herbal health products, Infinitus also aims at advocating the excellence of Chinese wellness traditions for a healthy life with balance, abundance and harmony.

Click the above video to recap the programme recording now!

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