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9‧19 Infinitus Global Walking Day - Infinitus Achieved 920 Million Steps and Donate Goods Worth RMB 2.8 Million to Support Teen Development in China


Infinitus Global Walking Day was held on 19 September 2020. The event was supported by Infinitus (China) and Infinitus (Overseas). The various markets of participants include Mainland China, Hong Kong (China), Taiwan (China), Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Thailand, the Philippines, Kazakhstan and South Korea. Over 920 million steps have been walked which was converted to a donation of goods worth RMB 2.8 million to the Infinitus Happy Football Programme of the China Youth Development Foundation by Infinitus. The donation will support the development of football programmes for teenagers in impoverished areas in China.

Mr. Bill Song, Director of Marketing and Operations Support of Infinitus Overseas Markets took the lead to walk 10,000 steps and kick off the event as well. Other than offline campaigns, Infinitus (Overseas) utilized the online platforms for our event promotion such as social media feeds and social stickers. Although the pandemic restricted outdoor activities in some markets like Malaysia, Singapore and Canada, each participant walked on their own and uploaded selfie on their social media platforms to support the event. Infinitus (Philippines) even launched an online virtual event on Zoom, an online video conference platform. This year, the 919 Infinitus Global Walking Day has become a remarkable milestone.

Infinitus actively promotes regular exercise within the general public and supports the health industry development by organizing the annual walking event. Combining exercise with charity, Infinitus continuously participates in poverty reduction and education support, demonstrating its mission, aspiration and undertaking of corporate social responsibility.

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