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Infinitus Overseas Market Organizes 2021 New Year Celebration


On 10 January 2021, Infinitus Overseas Market New Year Celebration with the theme of “Together We Make A Difference” was held. Staff representatives, Mr. Lam Yu, CEO of Infinitus Global, Vice Chairman of Infinitus (China) Company Ltd., Mr. Gary Huang, Vice President of Infinitus (China) Company Ltd., Ms. Sally Wang, Director of Infinitus (China) Company Ltd., Mr. Jacky Tang, Director of Global Center for Scientific Research and Director of Overseas Market Product Support, Mr. Sam Li, Business and New Market Development Director of Infinitus Overseas Market, and Mr. Bill Song, Marketing and Operations Support Director of Infinitus Overseas Market, participated the Celebration.

Although the pandemic has stopped us from meeting one another offline, the enthusiasm of our global sales partners is unstoppable. Almost 1,000 sales partners and customers from all over the world, including the markets of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, the Philippines, Thailand, Kazakhstan, South Korea and Australia, are all here on social media to join us for this new year celebration.

Thanks to our sales partners’ diligent hard work and their commitment to going beyond limits, Infinitus Overseas Market has grown steadily in 2020, despite all the hardships. During this celebration, the Company has also acknowledged the excellent performance of 222 sales partners.

Continuous support and encouragement from the China market leaders mostly contribute to the outstanding performance of the overseas market. During the celebration, the four Chief Sales Directors shared their insights and heartfelt wishes with everyone, bringing confidence about the future to all the sales partners in the overseas market!

It has always been the goal of Infinitus Overseas Market to support the sales partners in sharing the high-quality Chinese herbal health products more effectively around the world. In 2021, this will even be the highlighted top priority for the administrative team of Infinitus Overseas Market.

Mr. Lam Yu was at the main venue of the new year celebration. Not only did he share warm words of appreciation and acknowledgement with our sales partners in the overseas market, Mr. Yu also encouraged everyone to identify the nature of various opportunities and challenges, and proactively seek transformations. Given the variety of characteristics within different overseas markets, it is especially important for us to have an open heart to innovate, initiate new breakthroughs, and create strategies based on the actual local market. 

With one heart, we stay together with invincible power;
by advancing together, our efforts can be sustained;
by innovating together, our business will be rejuvenated!

Our mission has always been, and will always be "advocating the excellence of Chinese wellness tradition to create a healthy life of balance, abundance and harmony". Let us join hands to bring health and happiness to more people in the world!


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