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Infinitus Attended the 43rd Anniversary Symposium of HKDSA


The Hong Kong Direct Selling Association (HKDSA) announced a splendid success of its 43rd Anniversary Luncheon held on November 10th at the Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel. Mr. Clement Lee from Infinitus (Hong Kong) Company Limited attended the meeting on behalf of the company.


Established in 1979, HKSDA has been committed to promoting direct selling industry and its development in long run. Adhering the highest standards of business ethics, the Association has been protecting the industry stakeholders, and ensuring a sustainable development of the industry. In this meeting, Infinitus (Hong Kong) took on multiple active roles, including the overall event coordination and public relations, and was officially appointed as the Chairman of the HKDSA Public Relations Committee 2022-2024. Along with other industry partners and affiliates, Infinitus promised to uphold the industry ethics, and will continue to safeguard consumers’ interests.


In addition to Infinitus (Hong Kong) and 11 other member companies, numerous industry leaders from various sectors also participated on this very special day, including Ms. Gilly Wong, Chief Executive of the Consumer Council; Ms. Vivian Chan, Legal Advisor of HKDSA; Ms. Agnes Woo, former Chairperson of the Federation of Insurers; and Mrs. Angela Keung, President of HKDSA. Together, all the participants discussed the importance of business ethics, and exchanged insights on how business ethics can support sustainable growth of the industry.


Furthermore, the honorable guests, including Mr. Tseng Hing Yip, 4th Vice-Chairman of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals; and Mr. Kenneth Wong, General Manager of MICE & Cruise and Regional Director (Europe) at the Hong Kong Tourism Board, gave inspiring speeches, reiterating the Association’s support, recognition and appreciation toward promoting professional ethics within the industry, and fulfilling social responsibilities.

Over the past 30 years, Infinitus has been deeply involved and invested in the health and wellness sector as a key player in the global arena. Infinitus has endeavored to research, develop and produce various Chinese herbal health products, followed by comprehensive sales, marketing and after-sales services. As a successor and a persistent advocate of the core value: “Si Li Ji Ren” (considering everyone's interest before taking action), Infinitus has always been taking initiative in sharing research results and corporate resources with its business partners, supporting consumers in acquiring health and beauty, while realizing dreams and full potentials of hundreds of thousands of its sales partners.


Moving forward, Infinitus will continue to actively fulfill social responsibilities, persist on its mission and vision, and remain to be a trusted enterprise!

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