Homemate Concentrated Dishwash

Homemate Concentrated Dishwash

The main ingredient of Homemate Concentrated Dishwash are APG eco-friendly gentle detergent, CAB cleaning ingredient sourced from coconut oil, sapindus extract naturally from Sapindus Mukorossi Fruit. This unique cleaning formulation makes it easy to wash greasy dishes; at the same time removes residual dirt, fruit wax, pesticides, harmful chemical substances on vegetables and fruits, so it is safe to consume.

Upgrade formulation with new features:
  • Concentrated formula provides effective cleaning power
  • Gentle on skin, protecting your hands
  • Proven effective in eliminating bacteria and preventing bacteria/stains from assembling on utensils
  • Effectively remove pesticide residue and is safe to use on fruit and vegetables
  • Easy to rinse off, leaving no detergent residue
  • Refreshing and decent lime scent, minimizing leftover fragrance on vegetables and fruit

Size: 1kg


For cleaning vegetables and fruit: Add 1g of the detergent into 2L of water. Soak the vegetables and fruit into the diluted liquid for 1-3 minutes, then rinse off with water.

For cleaning utensils: Add 4-5g of the detergent into 2L of water. Use the diluted liquid with a cleaning towel to wash the utensils, then rinse off with water. Alternatively, dilute the detergent with water in a 1:3-4 ratio. Pour the diluted liquid to the utensils, wash them with a wet cleaning towel, then rinse off with water.