Vitabelle Hydrating Series

Keep your skin hydrated

The magical fruit for skin

Schisandra is a magical berry that has all five tastes: sweetness, sourness, bitterness, saltiness and spiciness. Enriched with bioactive ingredients, including Schisandrin B, Vitamin C and organic acids, Schisandra restores your skin to a balanced, healthy, hydrated, and vibrant state.

O2-moist Purifying Facial Cleanser

【Show everyone your glowing moisturized skin!】O2-moist Purifying Facial Cleanser provides you a deep cleansing effect, removing excessive oil and impurities in the pores

Product Features:
  • Deep cleansing effect, removing excessive oil and impurities in the pores, restoring healthy and clear skin
  • Soft and rich foam provides deep cleansing effect, removing all hidden impurities in the pores
  • Patented ingredient: Pollustop, effective in blocking air pollutants and particles

Size: 80g

Direction for Use:

Use in the morning and evening for cleansing. First, wet the face with cool or warm water. Squeeze out 1-2cm of the cleanser on the palm. Add a little water, rub to create a foam. Gently apply and massage the skin, then rinse off thoroughly.

O2-moist Refreshing Toner

【Show everyone your glowing moisturized skin!】O2-moist Refreshing Toner provides hydration to every layer of the skin, leaving the skin hydrated, plump, smooth and soft.

Product Features:
  • Non-greasy and refreshing, the toner provides prolonged clearing and brightening effects
  • Highly penetrative, the toner provides hydration to every layer of the skin, leaving the skin purified and clear
  • Special toner with 7 variations of hyaluronic acid

Size: 100ml

Direction for Use:

After applying the lotion, use a cotton pad to apply a coin-sized amount of toner by gently patting the skin. Massage until the toner is fully absorbed.

O2-moist Moisturizing Lotion

【Show everyone your glowing moisturized skin!】O2-moist Moisturizing Lotion provides you a deep moisturizing effect, reducing wrinkles caused by dryness by improving the ability of retaining moisture.

Product Features:
  • The creamy consistency makes the lotion easy to absorb, providing prolonged moisturising effect
  • Fundamental moisturising by improving the ability of retaining moisture in the skin
  • Fat extracted from fruit and plants, containing sufficient nutrients. The key ingredient includes avocado, also known as the “forest butter”

Size: 100ml

Direction for Use:

After cleansing the face, use a cotton pad to evenly apply two pumps of the lotion on the skin.

O2-moist Moisturizing Cream

【Show everyone your glowing moisturized skin!】O2-moist Moisturizing Cream helps you eliminate free radicals, block melanin and brighten the complexion.

Product Features:
  • Rich and pasty consistency, the soft and smooth cream provides softening and moisturising effects, restoring the youthful skin
  • Specifically address the problems caused by the deteriorating self-regulating ability, as a result of aging, by removing free radicals. Defend the skin against external threats, while providing moisturising and revitalising effects
  • Added Schisandra chinensis and turmeric as the key ingredients

Size: 50g

Direction for Use:

Finish the beauty routine with the perfect final touch by applying two-pearl-sized amount of cream evenly on the skin.

Vitabelle Hydrating Lotion

Antioxidant and Hydration in One Lotion!

Highly effective Antioxidant: Schisandra Performs the triple action of elimination, activation and protection!

Hydration: Jojoba seed oil
Known as "golden liquid wax”, being gentle and non-greasy, locks in moisture, improves the skin's suppleness.

Toning & Moisturizing: Grape seed oil
Hydrates and moisturizes the skin, making it soft and fresh without the greasy feel of oils.

Size: 125g

Directions for Use:

After cleaning the skin, apply suitable amount to the face and neck.

O2-moist Water Gel Mask

The easy way to nourish your ageless-looking skin - O2-moist Water Gel Mask helps to resolve dry or dull skin and fine lines, restores skin to a well-hydrated, lustrous and soft-as-new state.

Product Features:
  • 7 types of hyaluronic acid - Long-lasting moisturization and thorough rehydration, restores stratum corneum and boosts the skin's water-retention capacity.
  • Water Gel Sheet - Adsorbs heavy metals, cleanses skin, makes skin clear and bright.
  • Schisandra chinensis extract, turmeric extract - - Anti-oxidation, helps skin to reduce fine lines and dry wrinkles.
  • Made in Korea and certified effectiveness in drawing out heavy metal by a renowned third-party Institute - KOTITI in Korea
  • The product has obtained the safety certification from SGS.

Size: 30g/mask

Direction for Use:

1. Cleanse the face;

2. Apply the white mask on the skin, then tear off the white sheet on top;

3. Leave the mask on the face for 15-20 minutes;

4. Remove the mask, gently massage until the essence is well absorbed;

5. Either wipe off the excessive essence with a cotton pad, or rinse off with water, based on the skin condition.